The Trump Dilemma

Donald Trump will be at least as bad as all of his predecessors. He exhibits the same narcissistic megalomania necessary to seek out the most powerful office in the land present in all who came before him. Just as they did, he will renege on his campaign promises, expand the power of his office, and trample what little remains of civil liberty. When he is gone, the people of this nation will be poorer thanks to his Keynesian monetary inflation while fewer people around the world will be alive as he prolongs now traditional U.S. interventionism. The only silver lining of a Trump Presidency might be the explosion of the great myth that a businessman can successfully run a country.

It is this last point which bears noting. Before Trump ascended the throne, there were those who claimed that the economic woes of the United States could be corrected with proper business guidance. In reality, business leaders like Trump don’t operate in a freely competitive market. The state dictates regulation, subsidizes failure, and props up dying industries well past their profitable prime. Donald Trump, like many of his ilk, succeeded in traversing the bramble of red tape at least in part because he helped create it. As a result, his business background will do little to bring about free market reforms or economic prosperity. The best we can likely hope for is to see the can kicked further down the road.

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