Transgender Mental State

The recent political discussions around transgender people, and the progressive uproar when claims of special rights are made, have resulted in a variety of opinions surfacing on the subject, some of which I wish to address. For example, I’ve read a few people in the liberty movement state that transgenderism is a “mental illness”. While I can understand their lack of empathy for the “gender fluid,” I find such assertions a bit beside the point. Few are in a position to judge the mental state of someone believing themselves to be straddling genders. More importantly, at least for libertarians, mental state is beside the point.

I’ve long contended that the progressive obsession with being “born like this” is a reaction to conservative claims of defying nature or religion. The primary example here is homosexuality but transgenderism is clearly of the same ilk. Since conservatives claim that “god” dictated the natural state of man and woman, anyone behaving counter is an aberration. In response, progressives and gays tout “science” as proof that they were born the way they are. To all of this, libertarians should say “who cares?”

The fact that I am born a certain way may influence my preferences, but that doesn’t change my state of humanity. Nor does my choice of lifestyle. So, whether I am born gay, or transgender, shouldn’t matter any more than if I choose to have sex with people of the same sex or choose to have my own genitalia replaced. Neither choice nor nature changes my right to live the way I choose to live. Libertarians, of all people, should understand this. If only more people could grasp such simple concepts.

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