Protests And Himself

Protesting is one of several means for raising awareness of injustice. As was mentioned here before, it has recently been employed by professional athletes for that very reason. Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest police brutality against members of his race was a peaceful means of conveying the presence of injustice. One might argue with his position, his chosen means of protest, or his motivation, but none can claim that his actions were anything but peaceful.

When Donald Glover accepted an Emmy award, he thanked Donald Trump for “making black people No. 1 on the most-oppressed list.” In Mr. Glover’s case, he’s chosen to claim injustice as a means of advancing a political agenda. Since before taking office, Himself has endured innumerable unsubstantiated attacks from every corner of the social spectrum. While his policies are just as likely to perpetuate the injustices of this predecessors, largely because they will generally emulate those of his predecessors, Mr. Trump has done nothing specifically or in general against the black community, at least not to date.

Had Mr. Kaepernick been better informed and Mr. Glover not blinded by political ideology, they might have protested the primary source of injustice against members of the black community: the war on drugs. Regardless of its roots, which were themselves political, the war on drugs rivals the welfare state for debilitating impact on U.S. minorities.

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