Strange Bedfellows?

Former President George W. Bush recently found time to criticize Trump and his administration. For those keeping score, this is the same former President who signed The Patriot Act, one of the most egregious infringements on civil liberties to have emerged from the swamp of Washington, started the longest war in U.S. history and, for an encore, a completely useless war in Iraq to “make the world safe for democracy,” helped integrate Orwellian misnomers “enhanced interrogation” and “collateral damage” into U.S. Newspeak, and enabled the housing bubble leading to the worst economy of the past 60 years.

Perhaps most appalling is the manner in which the mainstream media embraced their former pariah. During his term, W experienced the most vehement and vindictive media coverage of any of his predecessors, only to be surpassed by Trump. His recent speech, on the other hand, elevated discourse, sounding the alarm to rebuke Trump. While eight years have passed since W wore the target now tattooed on Trump, it does seem strange to have mainstream sycophants suddenly on the Bush bandwagon. Of course, devoid of power, W represents little more than a convenient ally in the war against Trump. Should Hitler himself rise up to speak out against Trump, there will surely be those willing to overlook a little genocide for the cause.

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