Knowledge Is Power

As has been stated here many times, the Internet is one of the most important tools for individual freedom in the history of humanity. In this regard, we tend to look primarily at the decentralization and communication now possible through the World Wide Web. Another point to be emphasized is the availability of information once limited in scope and access. As the saying goes: knowledge is power.

Until the Internet, we had only mainstream media outlets and state functionaries to supply us with information now readily available. When a neocon descried the slashing of military spending or a progressive claimed that social spending was under assault, for example, there was limited access to data refuting these claims. Now websites like US Government Spending provide the full picture of how Washington spends the money it steals, borrows, and prints. If you want to know current state debt, sites like US National Debt Clock and provide constant estimates.

When Barack Obama conducted a secret drone bombing campaign, knowledge of it was slow to emerge. Today, thanks to the efforts of websites like, we can keep abreast of just how much his successor has increased the assault on the rest of the world. Of course, no list of information sources would be complete without Wikileaks, the site exposing state malfeasance across the globe. Thanks to the Internet, we can be much better informed of how our rights are trampled as well as the persistent efforts to curtail access to the power inherent in knowledge.

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