Poetry can evoke the most raw emotion. Given this, there are times when raw emotion is warranted to spark the pursuit of freedom…

The Flicker and Hum

The Flicker and Hum

No one warned me about
The endless onslaught of
Those willing to end their
Days in the spotlight
Of a local TV’s glow

Where flies are attracted to
The flicker and hum
Of children gone hungry
From wanting their parents
Lying dead in the streets of
The world that surrounds us
While faces seek Andy
And fame which he promised in
Manageable portions

When I couldn’t care less
About their efforts, their forecasts
The smiles and denials
‘Cause sitting here watching
Is all the disdain they’re
Likely to get.

And what of the children?
Forgotten equation
A matter of numbers
So carefully crafted
To reflect the position
Of whomever’s in power

“Hey Ma, can’t eat promises, now can I?”

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