The Paris Accord

The Donald made international headlines when he announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, a toothless document whereupon states around the globe promise to curtail carbon emissions. To show how inconsequential the agreement is, one need only look at some of the “reductions” promised. For example, China, supposedly the source of nearly one quarter of the earth’s greenhouse gas, promises to increase emissions until no later than 2030. Similarly, Pakistan’s agreement includes the following:

“…there is no plan at present for carbon sequestration in the country due to uncertainty surrounding implementation potential and associated high costs…”

While there is nothing in the agreement binding signatories to their promised reductions, Mr. Trump’s opposition to the agreement is largely focused on the “international support” required by nearly half of the nations pledging to participate. Since it is the United States which contributes the most in foreign aid, the burden of this support would further tax the nation now under Mr. Trump’s control. While foreign aid as a percentage of the total U.S. budget is negligible, Mr. Trump seeks any opportunity to seem fiscally responsible. In this case, his appearance of fiscal conservancy has no bearing on global temperature nor the runaway U.S. debt, but we can give him the thumbs up regardless.

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