What’s In A Shithole?

The Donald recently did what he appears to do best: lodged his small foot in his ample maw. While he made a half-hearted attempt to deny it, few doubt that the term “shithole” emerged from his lips. The subsequent media storm rivaled that of the days following his defeat of “crooked Hillary,” another of his signature monikers. While progressives howled and conservatives pooh-poohed, Himself unwittingly hit on a basic truth: humans act purposefully to improve their circumstance.

True to form, the progressive response to Himself has been misguided. In the same way Trump’s claim that he would kill the families of terrorists sparked the outrage absent from Obama’s actual killing of the family members of terrorists, his off-handed description of poverty became cause for endless hand wringing. Of course, what both Himself and the progressive media failed to mention is that many of those who flee to the U.S. and other western nations do so because of western interventionism. The people of Yemen are learning first hand how a once self-sustaining land could become host to famine, cholera, and war waged with the aid of U.S. weapons to Saudi Arabia. The people of Haiti discovered how “humanitarian” aid from the Clinton Foundation better served wealthy benefactors than the poor. For these tragedies the mainstream media offers crickets; for words like shithole they rage.

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Stupid Republicans

In political circles, progressives pride themselves on being “the adult in the room.” This stems from their belief in the intellectual superiority of progressivism over conservatism. The progressive stranglehold on mainstream media reflects this most often when a Republican occupies the White House. Before the “unstable” Trump there was Bush the “idiot.” The defeat of Bush senior was with the slogan “The Economy, Stupid” while his predecessor, Ronald Reagan, was “senile.” Gerald Ford was a bumbling fool in the eyes of leftists and Nixon was paranoid.

Since conservatism is more inclined to keep things as they are, implying a reluctance to consider new ideas, it’s not a stretch to assert backwardness, ignorance, or stupidity. However, conservatives are no more likely to be ignorant or close-minded than are progressives. History is awash in the blood spilled by communism yet this remains the ultimate goal of progressive ideology. Logic refutes central planning yet the state remains infallible to progressive stalwarts. Ever moving goal posts for equality may require adept mental agility but this is hardly indicative of anything more than blind obedience.

Sure, The Donald does some wacky things, but he continues the same policies that his two predecessors perpetuated, if only with a politically incorrect bravado. When Obama doubled the national debt, he was no more brilliant than Bush’s doubling of the national debt except for the scale of spending required to achieve it. Those who died under the drone attacks of Obama are no better off than those who will die under Himself regardless of their respective intellects. Republicans and Democrats share, among many other things, the propensity to be stupid on an ever increasing scale.

Where’s The Mystery?

One of the consistent cries of politicians and progressives alike is the ever increasing wealth gap. The beginning of the current trend is most often attributed to the early 1970’s, yet few of these pundits seem to have a clue why this might be the case. At best, dreaded greed is given credit for the widening gap between rich and poor.

It seems convenient that few of these articles notice anything significant during the early 70’s. Much like Keynes’s “animal spirits,” it would appear that the eighth decade of the twentieth century witnessed mysterious and elusive changes to economic activity which have persisted to the present. Either this, or someone did something of significance in the early 1970’s to which few statists are inclined to refer.

Proponents of state power tend also be opposed to hard money. When the gold standard is raised as a necessary component of a sound economy, proponents of hard money are dismissed as “gold bugs” overcome with a fever for the yellowish metal. As a result, the fact that Richard Nixon closed the gold window in August of 1971 is an inconvenient truth most progressive pundits are unwilling to note when discussing the increasing wealth gap.

When Nixon declared the U.S. would no longer redeem dollars for gold, he released the U.S. government from what little commitment it had toward sound money. Since that time, the Federal Reserve has dramatically increased the money supply, particularly since 2007.

Money created by the Fed flows to the wealthy and connected, increasing their ability to borrow, build their businesses, and build their wealth. The absence of a standard restricting money printing leads to the wealthy getting wealthier. Those not having their wealth supplemented by Fed money printing are losing wealth through inflation. With that being said, no mystery remains regarding the primary causes of the increasing wealth gap.